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Naso di Raza it was born in Italy from the casual gathering of people who don't reject the power of persuasion of a fragrance.

RAZA in Spanish means game but also race, and then on the finishing line, are a few noses aligned, determined to transform poems, paintings, emotions, promises into fragrances.



To catch the white rainbow so rare, moon glare that signs an instant, visible at night only in full moon, so percived but a sum of colours...
Great charm for a narrative texture that unrolls flowers and spices in an original characterization in harmony with the florentine iris and a 36 flowers of insane violet, a heart of patchouli from Indonesia, made stronger by precious boisée essences that warm and colour an assertive sillage, resistant that reproduces the short time of a rainbow, captivating to wear....the spell is complete.

Ingredients: Rosemary, Iris, Juniper Berries, Violet, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Precious Woods, White Musk, Amber, Labdanum, Vanilla, Tonka Beans.


End of past
"End of past" cosmopolitan, eclectic, conceived to crystallize different worlds in a perfect alchemy. A fresh start leaves the place to a strong heart of tobacco, of biblical labdanum of the Mediterranean sea and of cloves, lazily laying on a woody amber background, for endless sensations.

Ingredients: sea notes, violet tobacco, citrus, labdanum, davana, cloves, grey amber, ebony, sandalwood, gurjum bal.


Subtle, heroic and libertine it sublimates in the inflnite time

Brave and loyal with the precious woods and the rare resins, the spices and the moss rose, built as a fresh opening on the transparency of musk notes with woody stars. lncredibly shy to appear and unforgettable!

Ingredients: Saffron, Violet, Red Berries, Black Pepper, Oud, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Amyris, Cedar Wood, Incense, Vanilla, Amber Labdanum, Elemi.


Male proper name.
In a million of Giuseppe, it is dedicated to all those who make dreams true with tenacity, strength and loyalty. Great perspicacity to interpret, elegance made harmony....In the Hesperides' garden, white notes, floral indigo brush strokes, listen to a non aggressive sensuality and open with an orange and Sambac Jasmine absolute. The olfactory vision contemporary to chemical engineering magnificently closes in synthesis molecule in wood and musk accents.
Imagined by Luca Maffei.

Ingredients: Bergamot, Lemon, Bitter Orange, Yellow Tangerine, Lavender, Moroccan Neroly, Orange Flower Absolute, Sambac Tangerine Ambroxan, Ambrettolide, Muscenone.


Ask me no more, because I can't.

Elegant and refined it leaves the exclusive mark of a bouquet in which rigid notes of citrus and fruit resound, filtered by precious woods and warm saffron, for an open curtain ovation to the rare and noble Oud.

Ingredients: bergamot of Calabria, cardamom of Guatemala, pine of France, raspberry, virginian cedar wood, caledonian sandalwood, guajacum wood of Paraguay, oud, vetyver of Haiti, hay, amber.


The empty chair
leaves room for a free interpretation of the scent memory and of wandering about the intelligence of the nose.

Lively from a chromatic point of view for a green explosion of citrus and the aromatic notes of myrtle. lt is followed by a blooming heart of magnolia and thin lavender wrapped in a veil of ginger, all tied up to give character, originality and impertinence.

Ingredients: lemon, tangerine, orange, thyme, myrtle, magnolia, lavender, ginger, oak musk, patchouli, vetyver


Sea drops built on accents of transparent notes of water, wet fine sand, storm and dead calm, sails forced by a disrespectful wind. A debut of icy and pungent white flowers, the musked and ambered scent of honey, of warm opaque salt grains. Smooth and wild with a reassuring definite give back...soul and SEA.

Ingredients: sea water notes, Sicily white melon, lily, may lily, white musk, grey amber, metallic notes


Dear stubborn is an unprecedented expression of profligacy.... Soft and hard audacity well represented in his continuity. While mulberry meets the spiced character of saffron and Muscat nut, the delicate heart gets stronger with the notes of leather; the lightness of sweet woods sandal and white musk mitigate the hardness of patchouli, and an overdose of gray amber seals the mystery!

Ingredients: Mulberry, Saffron, Muscat Nut, Magnolia, White Rose, Leather, Sweet Woods, Patchouli, Gray Amber, Mysore Sandal Wood, White Musk.


It takes the breath away and chases you with a debut of great character underlined by an incense silent on the skin, it gets incredibly stronger on leather and animal notes with the velvet elegance of the Iris to finish; pungent and crystal clear his warm soul... the journey of the flying carpet goes on!

Ingredients: Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Incense, Petitgrain, Iris Root, Leather, Cashmere, Amber, Vetyver, Oak Musk.


Rough olfactory in which the hesperida notes led by rum get stronger with the spiced ones, they then reach absolute with tobacco in a perfect balance of woods and leather.Sour but soft, charismatic and aggressive, among cigar smoke, alcohol, comfortable Chester leather sofas and elegant jazz music in background...quietly.
Imagined by Cecile Zarokian.

Ingredients: Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, Rum Davana, Muscat Nut, Cinnamon, Helicrysum, Tobacco Absolute, Rare Woods, Leather.


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